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Easy Treadle is an intuitive force-assist system designed for handlooms. It attaches to the treadles of the loom, which are the foot pedals that are used to operate various parts of the loom associated with the shedding of the warp (raising and lowering of parallel threads that are seen in the picture). It can be retrofit on to any loom and provides force assistance to any degree desired. It reduces the physical strain on weavers’ feet from pushing down on the treadles of the loom for several hours each day.

The guiding philosophy of the design of this device is to have the weaver retain control of the loom - the rhythm with which different parts move, while reducing physical effort required to work the loom. As a result, Easy Treadle is akin to a power steering in a car. This is fundamentally different from other designs in this field which mechanize the loom and require the ‘operator’ only to provide force or supervision.

Easy Treadle is also available in a solar powered configuration so weavers in areas without a reliable electricity supply can use it.

2018, 2019

with Raghu GN, Naseer Sathyala and Apoorva Sahay

In association with SELCO Foundation, India.

Functional testing

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