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Research on the migration patterns and populations of the Amur falcon in Nameri National Park and Tiger Reserve, Assam, Pangti, Nagaland and Umrangso, Assam.

Amur falcons migrate from the Amur region in South East Russia all the way to South Africa in the winter. They make a stop in North East India in flocks numbering in the hundreds of thousands of individuals to feed before they cross the India Ocean.

In 2012, large scale hunting of these falcons was discovered in Nagaland. The conservation project brought hunting to an end in just one season of intervention and employed hunters as tour guides for tourists visiting to watch the spectacle of such a large number of birds of prey in a small area.

2013, 2014

In association with the Nagaland Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Trust, India.



Shashank Dalvi

Falcons coming back to roost in the evening. They were being hunted using nets spread around the trees visible on the right.


Doyang Reservoir near Pangti, Nagaland, the site of the largest recorded population.

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